Posted on: Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Achievement unlocked!

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I did it! The 30 Day Yoga Challenge is complete and for once in my life I didn't give up :) There is no one in the world prouder than I am of myself right now! Please excuse the exclamations! I'm happy! 

This challenge was just the beginning of the mind, body and spirit journey and I'm looking forward to pushing myself further. I mentioned in my last post that I want to learn how to do the splits so I consider this my next big challenge. On Monday I followed a video detailing a yoga practice with splits as the goal and though I was nowhere near the ground, it was a start. Unfortunately I must have stretched a little too much because the next day my legs were sore and achy (and still are!) I decided to take a day or two to recover instead of stressing my body even more which leaves us at today...Wednesday and on the lookout for a new video. 

Since I'm still recovering I decided to go for Yoga with Adriene's healing practice which I'll do just before hitting the shower for work :) 

That's my little update. Is anyone thinking of starting a challenge of their own? Or already started? xo

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