Posted on: Thursday, 31 July 2014

August [#GetSnappy]

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One more evening and we're into August 2014! Where heck has all the time gone?
Self promises of daily swims and a tan to put all tans to shame has been severely lacking (failed really!)...not that these things are particularly important in the grand scheme of things, but they kind of put a stamp on Summer in one way or another.

I've been enjoying myself mind you. I like a simple life. A book to read and a smoothie in hand is a happy way to live. Enjoying my time with Lloyd and family and friends. A full moon gathering on a beach full of happy people in Ghajn Tuffieha, a Reggae boat party full of good vibes, great music and even greater company, an *awesome* trip to Gozo with Lloyd - these are just a few things I've enjoyed so far. Now I'm looking forward to my man returning in 15 days!

Starting from the 1st August, I'm beginning a little project called #GetSnappy. It's pretty simple; I'll take one photo a day and post it on Instagram. This is just my way of getting a little creativity and inspiration flowing. If anyone wants to join in, it'd be my pleasure to have you here for the journey! Just post me your Instagram and I'll follow your story :)


Posted on: Monday, 28 July 2014

[The Malta Journals] Festa Time

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That's my mum and I in the second window when I was a kid! Throwing confetti at one of the Feasts

It's Summer in Malta which means one of many things! Today it's all about the Feasts though.

The Maltese love any reason to celebrate but the Feasts are really something to behold if you're planning on visiting the island in Summer. Each village holds an annual festa to celebrate their patron saint and it's a tradition that has never gotten old! I'm not a religious person but to witness and be part of these festivities really makes you feel like a part of the Maltese jigsaw puzzle. Eat, drink and be merry whilst watching the local band perform and see the Saint being taken his annual walk through the village. Apparently the locals pay good money to carry the statue!

Two Sundays ago I went down to the Msida Feast with my family to check out the festivities. It was bustling with activity, smiling locals and bewildered tourists. The roads are full of vans selling fried food and plenty of Cisk (the local Maltese lager), fireworks are exploding overhead and everyone is just...happy! I wandered into the brightly lit church before mass and it was spectacular. The smell brought me back to much younger years when on the odd occasion I would go to a mass either with my nan, schoo or another occasion. It's funny how all the churches smell the same. 

It was such a fun experience that I would recommend going to everyone. With feasts throughout the whole of summer you'll most certainly find one when you're here. Apparently the St Julians feast is quite a riot!

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 Msida Feast

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Posted on: Friday, 25 July 2014

Food For Thought

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In memory of those who lost their lives on MH17. You never really know when your time will be up.

Apart from the crash being an absolute tragedy, this was incredibly spooky because three days before it happened I had dreamt that I was on a plane that crash landed into Russia. In January I had flown the exact same route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on Malaysian Airlines...crazy coincidence? I think I will start keeping a dream journal from now on.

Posted on: Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Next Adventure

Whale watching, northern lights, dramatic landscapes, ice cold weather...this is a destination I have dreamed of going to for years! 

Can't wait to start planning our trip :)

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Posted on: Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Woops...according to my Empower emails, yesterday was Day 7!

I've done 4 out of 7 days so far...not because I haven't wanted to practice, but because my energy levels are wiped out, not to mention the practices have taken a toll on my muscles so I have really needed to recover! Yesterday instead of a full practice I decided to practice my headstand. I remember back in the day when I had no problem doing headstands. They were like part and parcel of being a child! Now it's a challenge to lift my legs above my head, I feel every muscle in my core engage, my arms tense as I try to hold my weight and I have that initial nervousness of 'letting go'.

Bit by bit I'll get there, I think I just need to continue building my strength and core but I want to try practicing each day; I understand what people mean when they say being upside down is good for you, it really gives you a boost! Good morning world!

Here are some beautiful images of beautiful people in beautiful headstands. Pinspiration!

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Posted on: Thursday, 17 July 2014

Listen to your body

Waaaa, I've just logged on to find over 2k pageviews just for today! Not sure what's happened but I'm kinda liking it! Hopefully I'm sending some kind of positive message to all you lovely earthlings :)

So, today was actually Day 3 of Empower however due to a slight physical glitch, it's now my Day 2. Yesterday I woke up feeling as stiff as a plank of wood. I was aching from head to toe, my throat was sore and my body exhausted. There's a lot of sickness going around at work and I think the mix between late nights and coughs and sneezes has been taking its toll on my body. I was very tempted to go home sick but I fought through and made it to 7pm.

It was about 9:30pm by the time I actually set up the second video of Empower (Strength) so I was battling with tiredness as well as aches and pains. Suffice to say, I only made it through 10 minutes before my body screamed out 'stop!'. I just had no energy to hold myself up and with half a heart I released and let myself slump upon my mat without any grace whatsoever. I have really learned that to get the most out of my practice, I need to listen to my body. Yesterday wasn't the day for Strength and that's ok. It was important to heal before moving on.

I'm happy to say that I made it through Strength this morning! It was bloody tough, I haven't felt so physically challenged since Yoga classes with my past teacher Anchelique (she used to push me beyond my limits every day!). I found solace in downward dog, usually the nemesis of my practices and I found myself not only pushing through but being kind to myself too. How do I feel now? Well, the aches certainly didn't diminish over night, but I did feel a little stronger and I feel like the practice actually did my muscles some good! Now I have the day to recover and I'll pick up the practice tomorrow with Day 3.

Wherever you are in the world...

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Posted on: Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Just Say Yes!

Hi everyone!

It's been a little while since I posted, I know. I've had a busy couple of weeks as my lovely fella was over for a holiday catch up so we spent the best part of our time just hanging out whenever I wasn't working (which unfortunately was the majority of the time - boo). We had an awesome time though! Beautiful weather, an amazing two days in Gozo and lots of conversation and yummy food. I ended up gaining a kilo that I lost but oh well, it was for a damn good cause :)

On to some exciting Yoga news!

I've been following Yoga with Adriene on YouTube for quite some time now and she recently launched her new blog page where she was advertising her latest Yoga course called Empower - 30 Day Yoga Challenge.

Yesterday I was umm'ing and err'ing about whether I should sign up with the $99 fee. Was it worth me spending the money? Was I going to stick to it? After about thirty minutes of reading up and still feeling undecided I made a choice. Just say yes. I'll never get anywhere if I keep thinking and not doing!

So I signed up and completed my first day this morning! It was a fourty minute power yoga session with some cardio mixed in and wow, it was tough! I'm so not used to longer sessions anymore so by the twenty minute mark I was seriously flagging. My legs felt like jelly and I just wanted to give in...but I pushed through and finished with my head held high in savasana! Yay!

I encourage you all to say yes to something today and to see where it takes you <3

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Posted on: Tuesday, 1 July 2014

[The Malta Journals] Why Not? Creativity Vortex

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Malta amazes me. I've lived here for thirteen years and even though this island is the size of my pinky there are always places to discover. I think I battled with the idea of living here for so long that I forgot that I could truly enjoy this country. It was only when I moved away for a short period of time at the beginning of this year that I realised just how in love with Malta I really am. It's where my heart feels at peace.

On a quiet morning a couple of weeks ago, a friend and I decided to go for an early breakfast of Maltese toasted bread and coffee in Mgarr. It was probably the cheapest breakfast I'd ever bought in Malta and it certainly filled the bread craving gap. Afterwards we ventured off to the not so far away Why Not? Creativity Vortex which is also in Mgarr.

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What is this place?

The Creativity Vortex is the creation of an NGO functioning in Malta called Why Not? In essence, it's an 8 meter Bamboo Geodesic Dome created from locally sourced materials. It's a non permanent shelter where organisations can hold events such as talks, meditation, yoga and creativity through art such as music.

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The area surrounding the vortex is a quietness that you rarely find in Malta. It feels peaceful and the air is light. There were only a few people when we entered, all sitting around a table conversing. Why Not allows people to visit and camp on the premises in exchange for participating in some voluntary work around the area. You can even ask to set up your own plot of land to grow your own organic produce!

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We had a little nosey about the land, stepped inside the vortex, made music with the gong (so much fun!), climbed the treehouse and sat awhile. We even thought about spending a night here in summer which I would definitely be up for. Luckily I have a mosquito net or I will be mossie bait for the entire night, ha. 

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I think this is such a brilliant concept that I would like to involve myself in eventually. My own downfall is that I don't drive yet so I know I'll find it difficult to get to and from there. Hopefully in the future though :)

Click here to visit their website and find out how you can participate!

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