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[The Malta Journals] Festa Time

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That's my mum and I in the second window when I was a kid! Throwing confetti at one of the Feasts

It's Summer in Malta which means one of many things! Today it's all about the Feasts though.

The Maltese love any reason to celebrate but the Feasts are really something to behold if you're planning on visiting the island in Summer. Each village holds an annual festa to celebrate their patron saint and it's a tradition that has never gotten old! I'm not a religious person but to witness and be part of these festivities really makes you feel like a part of the Maltese jigsaw puzzle. Eat, drink and be merry whilst watching the local band perform and see the Saint being taken his annual walk through the village. Apparently the locals pay good money to carry the statue!

Two Sundays ago I went down to the Msida Feast with my family to check out the festivities. It was bustling with activity, smiling locals and bewildered tourists. The roads are full of vans selling fried food and plenty of Cisk (the local Maltese lager), fireworks are exploding overhead and everyone is just...happy! I wandered into the brightly lit church before mass and it was spectacular. The smell brought me back to much younger years when on the odd occasion I would go to a mass either with my nan, schoo or another occasion. It's funny how all the churches smell the same. 

It was such a fun experience that I would recommend going to everyone. With feasts throughout the whole of summer you'll most certainly find one when you're here. Apparently the St Julians feast is quite a riot!

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 Msida Feast

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