Posted on: Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Finding a Rhythm

Today I realised that it's been a little while since I posted an update on my Yoga practice. Well...let's just say that although I've been trying to keep active every day, my energy levels have been pretty low. A mix of hot and humid weather, too many evening shifts and trying to eat right but not allowing myself enough time to prepare healthy food meant that I found myself in a funk for awhile.

But then I started running and everything started to fall back into place again.

I've started small: Power walk 10 minutes, run 4 minutes, rest 2 minutes, run 4 minutes, Power walk home and streeeetch. My first goal is to run 5k!

I can't tell you how good it feels to have started running again. The freedom and power it gives you is immense and after a good stretch, I felt like a new woman!

So now I've worked running into my fitness plan, I've started to find a rhythm which goes something like this:

Day 1 - Run
Day 2 - 10 min abs & restorative yoga (Empower practice)
Day 3 - Heart I yoga (Empower practice)
Day 4 - Run
Day 5 - 10 min butt & restorative yoga (Empower practice)
Day 6 - Strength I yoga (Empower practice)
Day 7 - Run
Day 8 - 10 min abs & restorative yoga (Empower practice)
Day 9 - Heart II yoga (Empower practice)
Day 10 - Run
Day 11 - 10 min butt & restorative yoga (Empower practice)

Lather, rinse, repeat!

Empower is a 30 day yoga challenge by Yoga with Adriene. Check out her Youtube channel here.
She is seriously amazing! 

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