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[The Malta Journals] A Trip to Gozo - Part 1

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 Let's talk a bit about Gozo.

It's my haven. My little getaway from the hustle and bustle of an overcrowded Malta and a place that up until recently I had neglected to visit for quite some time *slaps self*.

Before his last visit, my man had never visited Malta's sister island so it was a great excuse to book a hotel and hop on the ferry to Gozo. Yippee!

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Our first stop was Victoria where we had a little look around the small capital and stopped for a bite and a cheeky bottle of wine at Grapes Wine Bar. Lloyd ate a baguette and I took a salad with fried goats cheese. The salad was...okay, I think the thing that saved it was the cheese because really, who doesn't like fried cheese? Nom.

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After our lunch we took a 'slightly' tipsy peek around an awesome Fair Trade shop called Organika. If I have a shop one day, it's going to be similar to this one - I literally could have taken the whole shop home with me! Instead I settled for some soap, a straw basket and some gorgeous greeting cards (only one of which will be to give to someone). Fair Trade is the future!

A visit to Victoria wouldn't be complete without a walk around the beautiful Citadel (or Cittadella) which I've read is on the tentative list of future World Heritage Sites. It is said to have been fortified in the Bronze Age in 1500 BC and has since then continued development by the Phoenicians and Romans. It's free to take a look inside the War Shelters while you're there so I recommend stepping into the depths of darkness and putting yourself in the shoes of the people who spent countless hours down there. It was really interesting to see the little rooms with their tiled floors still intact! I like to think it would have made the people there feel more at home at such a scary time in their lives...

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 Below are some amazing views from the Citadel...and our punishment for walking around in a drunken stupor can be seen at the end! :)

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