Posted on: Thursday, 22 May 2014

I got the job! And other ramblings.

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I had been refreshing my emails every hour hoping for an answer about the job I applied for. About thirty minutes after my last post I got the answer I was looking for! *does a little boogie*

My break from the working world is officially over and on Monday I'll start to use my pea brain again :) It took me less than two weeks since arriving back in Malta to land myself a job. In England my CV wasn't given the time of day which makes me realise just how dire the job situation is in the UK. I spoke to a lady last week who told me that it took her granddaughter nearly two years to get a job over there. As sad as I am that my story couldn't continue with Lloyd over there (and I'm only sad about that because it means I can't be with him), I'm so happy to be in Malta and feeling more myself again. I felt so useless over there, like I wasn't good enough for anything except washing dishes. 

Now that I'm employed I want to start offering my help to a voluntary group...most likely devoting my time to an animal sanctuary here. My only problem is that the sanctuaries that appear to need the most help are quite far away and I don't drive. There is the sanctuary in Floriana which is closest by and where I feel I could fully commit to getting to we'll see. I just want to help them all but I know that I have to start from somewhere...and be realistic about my limitations.

It's time to move forward! :)

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