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Introducing [Fair-Trade]: The Zambian Soap Company

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I love products with a story to tell, don't you? I guess if we dug far enough we could find the beginning of a story in everything, even those corporate chains that seem to rule the world. The problem is that these companies seem to have forgotten their roots and are only interested in one thing. Can you guess what that is? Yep, money!

I want to support the people behind the products that I use by buying Fair Trade whenever I possibly can. Fair Trade companies pay their workers a fair wage in order to not only survive, but to live and support their families and communities. I was searching for Fair Trade soap when I stumbled upon The Zambian Soap Company. I never used to read the 'About us' page of online shops but nowadays it's the first thing I look for. I want to know who is making my products and where it's coming from and I think that it's my duty as a blogger to spread the word about the amazing and sustainable products out there! 

Let's be the change.

It's always a little daunting to try out new things. It's also really exciting! When I received my package from The Zambian Soap Company I couldn't wait to open it; I could almost smell the soaps through the packaging. There are currently three types of soap - Lavender, Spearmint, Cassia and Lemongrass. I wanted to buy one of each but the Lavender was unfortunately not in stock when I ordered so I went for the other three. They look and smell wonderful! I particularly love the Cassia because of the Cinnamon scent (or as my mum says, it smells like Christmas, ha). I love Cinnamon! 
The spearmint is a little more subtle but still very nice. The soaps lather up really well and make my skin feel amazing! I was a little hesitant about using it on my face because I have quite sensitive skin but I had no problems at all- if anything my skin feels cleaner and clearer due to the organic ingredients :) They're also vegan!

I'm really happy with The Zambian Soap Company and will be more than happy to buy from them again!

You can find this awesome company here! Be sure to check out their story and read about Zambia and the workers :)

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This is not a sponsored post and my views are my honest opinions of a brand that has positively impacted me :) 

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