Posted on: Tuesday, 9 September 2014

[The Malta Journals] A Trip to Gozo - Part 3

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The last part of our trip was a visit to the Azure Window in Dwejra which I kind of insisted that we visit, because really, a trip to Gozo isn't complete without seeing this spectacle.

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Little nugget of information if you didn't already know: You'll see the Azure Window in A Game of Thrones! Go and Google it now ;) It's pretty fantastic and also a spot which is close to my heart.

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We did the usual touristy thing and took some photos with the Azure in the background and then we decided it was time to cool off. A little further in, close to where the buses stop, there's a road you can walk down to a small stoney bay. We found a quiet spot and relaxed in the midday sun.  

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Where are your favourite spots in Gozo? Send me your recommendations and I'll check them out!

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